BCO D5 Okuma Cone-Point CVD 1/2 Carat Precision Dresser


Okuma cone point CVD 1/2 Carat 11mm diameter 40mm OAL shank. Precision dresser is accurately coned to the specified included angle and radius. These tools are used for precision dressing when the most intricate form and radii are required.

BCO-6008. 60 Degree Angle 0.008″ Radius
BCO-6010. 60 Degree Angle 0.010″ Radius
BCO-6020. 60 Degree Angle 0.020″ Radius
BCO-6032. 60 Degree Angle 0.032″ Radius


BCO-6008, BCO-6010, BCO-6020, BCO-6032